[IPython-User] Autoreload extension is loaded in qtconsole, but not in the terminal

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Tue Jan 8 09:29:23 CST 2013

On 8 January 2013 14:29, Alejandro Weinstein

> I want to to automatically load the `autoreload` extension. To this
> end I have the following in my ipython_config.py:
> c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = [
>     'autoreload',
>     'line_profiler_ext']
> I have access to `autoreload` in the qtconsole, but not in the
> terminal IPython (I can load the extension with %load_ext autoreload
> in the terminal).
> Any idea about why my configuration is loading `autoreload` only in
> the qtconsole?

Does your configuration set c.TerminalIPythonApp.extensions anywhere? This
will override the value for InteractiveShellApp.

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