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Francesco Montesano franz.bergesund@gmail....
Fri Jan 11 11:16:09 CST 2013

Dear list,

I use notebook mostly for testing reasons. Furthermore, as I use mostly
numpy and matplotlib, I have in ~/.ipython/profile_default/startup/ two
00-pylab.ipy, that calls %pylab (in my matplolibrc I set the backend to
01-interactive.py: call plt.ion()

I have just discovered Pandas and I am documenting some of the tests that I
have done, and I would like to have an inline plot in my notebook.
>From my understanding I should be able to toggle between backends using *%pylab
inline *and *%pylab ... *.
The cell where I do the plotting is:

%pylab inline
north.plot(x=0, y=1, linestyle='none', marker='.', label="cat north",
south.plot(x=0, y=1, linestyle='none', marker='.', label="cat south",
north.plot(x=0, y=1, linestyle='none', marker=',', label="mocks north",
south.plot(x=0, y=1, linestyle='none', marker=',', label="mocks south",

When I execute it, I get a long error ending in "RuntimeError: Cannot
activate multiple GUI eventloops"
Is this to be expected?

I can anyway display the figure with dispay(plt.gcf()). Is this equivalent
to have pylab inline?

Thanks in advance,

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