[IPython-User] modify / configure / customize ipython notebook command prompt

Daniel Wheeler daniel.wheeler2@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 13:23:53 CST 2013


I've been trying to modify the default notebook command prompt in version

Configuring the regular ipython prompt requires changing
"c.PromptManager.in_template" in "ipython_config.py". This seems to work
fine for the standard prompt.

To change the notebook prompt, I added "ipython_notebook_config.py" and

   c = get_config()
   c.ZMQInteractiveShell.prompt_in1 = 'test prompt:'


   c = get_config()
   c.PromptManager.in_template = 'test prompt:'

Print statements show that "ipython_notebook_config.py" is being read on
start up, but the notebook command prompt is still the same default prompt.
Any ideas?


Daniel Wheeler
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