[IPython-User] question about ipython notebook and sphinx

Valentin Haenel valentin.haenel@gmx...
Mon Jan 28 08:44:07 CST 2013


* Matthias BUSSONNIER <bussonniermatthias@gmail.com> [2013-01-24]:
> Le 22 janv. 2013 à 16:21, Valentin Haenel a écrit :
> > I have this vague idea of turning a tutorial written in sphinx, into
> > something that can be interactively demonstrated using the ipython
> > notebook. Does anyone know of anything in that direction.
> Nbconvert shoudl have a RST -> ipynb converter.

It does indeed, and I gave it a shot. Didn't yet quite work for me, so I
made some improvements:


Still a bit hacky, but the resulting notebook is almost usable.


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