[IPython-User] failed to respond to heartbeat

Jeremy Harbinson jeremy_harbinson@me....
Tue Jan 29 10:24:52 CST 2013

I am using the IPython Notebook on Mac OS X v 10.8.2 using the Enthought Python distribution (7.3) (according to Enthought site the IPython version 0.13.1, but I have been unable to check this  for my installation) and with Firefox as the browser. The computer is a late 2012 version MacBook Pro.

When awaking the computer from Sleep or Deep Sleep ( I guess these are hibernate modes 3 and 1 respectively) I get often get an error message from the notebook that the kernel has 'failed to respond to heartbeat' and I need to restart it. I had a look on the internet and there are some suggestions that could be fixed by increasing the setting for 'MultiKernelManager.time_to_dead', but generally not explaining it very clearly, though this is more down to me rather than the author, I guess. Is the Multimanager etc fix the best one to use (if it is could you explain how best to apply it?)  or is there a better option?
all the best,

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