[IPython-User] IPython notebook: pandas timeseries display wrapping issue on Firefox under Windows

Loïc Estève loic.esteve@ymail....
Wed Jan 30 17:05:43 CST 2013


pandas timeseries in output prompts are displayed in a hard to read single-
column output on Firefox under windows. Interestingly, printing the 
timeseries produces the two-column output you expect.

A snapshot will hopefully make it clearer:

This issue does show up neither on Firefox under Linux nor on Chrome under 

My very crude understanding is that the surrounding box of the pre element 
is just a tad too narrow to make both the timestamp and the value fit on one 
line so it wraps to the next line.

It seems like a similar issue has been reported on Firefox under Mac OS a 
few months ago although the formatting might have made the email a bit 

Just for completeness a similar issue happens for pandas dataframe when you 
disable the html display.


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