[IPython-User] vector images in ipython notebook.

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Jun 26 11:19:27 CDT 2013

Le 26 juin 2013 à 18:10, Jon Wilson a écrit :

> On a related note, I would like to hack the notebook very slightly, such 
> that each figure is rendered twice: once as png and once as pdf, and 
> both are sent to the webbrowser.  Then the png data would be displayed, 
> and the pdf data would be made available for download by clicking on the 
> png image.
> Can you give me a pointer on where to start?

you'll need dev, 
from IPython.display import FileLink, display

Should adda link to the right file. ->right click download as.

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