[IPython-User] Templating documents in the notebook

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Jun 26 15:31:17 CDT 2013

Le 26 juin 2013 à 22:13, Adam Hughes a écrit :

> Hello,
> I was very impressed to see the push towards publications written directly in the notebook, including a full book and research papers.  

Thanks, and I'm pretty impressed by what people do with notebook too. 

> I'm curious about templating.  If I were to publish a paper in IEEE, I would first download their latex template and write to it.  Are there plans to have analogous templates for ipython notebooks?

Yes (to answer what you meant ) -but No. But this is mainly a question of vocabulary.
Depend what you say by notebook. "Notebook" most of the time a mix and match of sever/browser-client/ipynbfile/visually what you see.

>  If so, are they yet in development?

Yes it is nbconvert. You have a full TeX templates that should compile out of the box. 
a smaller one that spit only between begin and end document.
you can inherit and overwrite almost any pieces imaginable. Prompt, highlighting, png or svg for figures...

>  It would be fascinating to see journal-specific notebook configuration.

That would be no, not in core. but also depends on what you meant by configuration.

>  It would be even cooler if one could export from a notebook template directly into .tex file.
>  EG, I write a notebook in the IEEE format, and nbcovert into the IEEE-formatted latex document.

Probably wrong order of terms. you don't need to (write a notebook in the IEEE format) you (write a notebook). 
the IEEE formatting should be doable at conversion time. 

> Is anything like this possible?

1.0 should have the preview (mean API will be guarantied not stable) of that.

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