[IPython-User] How to create ipyton_notebook_config.py if I have a default profile

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Sun Mar 3 15:22:56 CST 2013

> You should issue a
> $ ipython profile create [profilename]
> It will create the default files.
> Out of curiosity, why isn't there a default ipython_notebook_config created in the profile_default folder? IIRC, there's a default for the interpreter and the qtconsole. I find myself creating a new profile, then copying this file over. Maybe I misunderstand though.

For profile other than default, it should be created :

$ ipython profile create foofoobar
[ProfileCreate] Generating default config file: u'/Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_foofoobar/ipython_config.py'
[ProfileCreate] Generating default config file: u'/Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_foofoobar/ipython_qtconsole_config.py'
[ProfileCreate] Generating default config file: u'/Users/bussonniermatthias/.ipython/profile_foofoobar/ipython_notebook_config.py'

`default` is different because of available config options and default values. 
Nothing is created before actually needing it. Otherwise the default files that contains comments with default values might not be updated
on IPython upgrade and that confuses People that edit old example config files with old values. 

There is a recent issue on that :

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