[IPython-User] zmq probs after recent update?

Brandon Rhodes brandon@rhodesmill....
Tue Mar 5 17:33:21 CST 2013

K.-Michael Aye <kmichael.aye@gmail.com> writes:

> Did anyone else notice a change in their notebooks after the recent
> EPD releasy of pyzmq?  I now get intermittently this kind of stuff
> (attached).
> ZMQError: Address already in use

There are two distinct situations, I believe, in which this can occur.

First, another process could still really be alive which has the port
open and listening, and so no other program is allowed to jump in and
try to take it.  If you use "netstat" or another tool to look at the
sockets that currently exist on your system, you will see that someone
else has the port open with the status "LISTEN".

Second, another process could have just exited and the socket is sitting
in its CLOSE_WAIT state so that it can field any last packets that come
flying in, and the program trying to use the port number over again has
failed to set SO_REUSEADDR to indicate its lack of fear about re-using a
port for which outstanding packets might still be floating around.

Could a new release of pyzmq be running into a problem like either of
these?  My bet is that MinRK will know. :)

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