[IPython-User] zmq probs after recent update?

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Tue Mar 5 17:58:05 CST 2013

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 3:33 PM, Brandon Rhodes <brandon@rhodesmill.org>wrote:

> K.-Michael Aye <kmichael.aye@gmail.com> writes:
> > Did anyone else notice a change in their notebooks after the recent
> > EPD releasy of pyzmq?  I now get intermittently this kind of stuff
> > (attached).
> >
> > ZMQError: Address already in use
> There are two distinct situations, I believe, in which this can occur.
> First, another process could still really be alive which has the port
> open and listening, and so no other program is allowed to jump in and
> try to take it.  If you use "netstat" or another tool to look at the
> sockets that currently exist on your system, you will see that someone
> else has the port open with the status "LISTEN".
> Second, another process could have just exited and the socket is sitting
> in its CLOSE_WAIT state so that it can field any last packets that come
> flying in, and the program trying to use the port number over again has
> failed to set SO_REUSEADDR to indicate its lack of fear about re-using a
> port for which outstanding packets might still be floating around.
> Could a new release of pyzmq be running into a problem like either of
> these?  My bet is that MinRK will know. :)

It is quite unlikely that pyzmq itself would have any effect here,
but it could be something that changed in *libzmq*,
which also just had a major update.

Brandon's notes about socket state / netstat are certainly the way to go
for finding out what's happening at the socket level.

I don't know of anything specific that would cause it, and I haven't seen
any such bug, and I have been running
master of all of these projects for ages, without ever seeing this kind of
thing (except on Windows, where socket release takes a long time).


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