[IPython-User] Self-contained Mac app distribution for IPython Notebook

Marc Liyanage marc@entropy...
Tue Mar 12 14:42:05 CDT 2013

Thanks everyone for the nice feedback.

The embedded virtualenv is considered read-only, mostly because I want to ship a set of tested and known working modules, but also because any change in there would break the code signature. The target audience for this app are people who don't want to install any modules themselves at all, and for those I'd like to come up with and include a set of popular extensions that cover most needs for science, statistics, computer vision etc.

For the people who want to extend this set, the app should currently also pick up modules installed into the system-wide sys.path locations, so that is an option. I personally use that feature to get access to the "Foundation" Obj-C bridge that is present on OS X. IPython notebook in combination with that is perfect for experimenting with short snippets of code.

Perhaps I should implement the ability to add additional directories for the PYTHONPATH in the app's preferences? That way people who do want to install additional modules but don't want to change their system-wide site-packages could append their own virtualenvs to the module search path? That also has the advantage that when I update the app itself, those user-supplied modules are not touched.

I thought that people might ask for multiple windows :-) I will investigate that and put it on the feature list. It might not make it into the first few releases.

> Sounds very interesting.
> But i keep getting the following error "server failed to start up"
> Is there anything i need to set up before running?
> I am on OSX 10.8.2

If you get this message, I'd like to get your console logs to see if anything points to the problem. Perhaps try to trash and redownload the app, in case you tried to change any files inside the app bundle. That might have invalidated the code signature. You could also try the following and send me the output along with the console logs:

$ codesign -vv /path/to/IPython\ Notebook.app
/path/to/IPython Notebook.app: valid on disk
/path/to/IPython Notebook.app: satisfies its Designated Requirement


$ codesign -vv /path/to/IPython\ Notebook.app/Contents/Resources/virtualenv/bin/python
/path/to/IPython Notebook.app/Contents/Resources/virtualenv/bin/python: valid on disk
/path/to/IPython Notebook.app/Contents/Resources/virtualenv/bin/python: satisfies its Designated Requirement

Where should I announce a project like this so the intended audience learns about it?

On Mar 12, 2013, at 12:20 PM, epi <massimodisasha@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi ,
> that looks awesome!
> i tried the .app and it works fine
> same feeling as Felix, will be cool to be able to open more notebooks (menu and tabs)
> i saw the sh script where to add instructions to add other modules with pip, really nice!
> i'm truing the buildvwth xcodeproject right now :)
> Thanks for the great work!
> Massimo.
> Il giorno 12/mar/2013, alle ore 12:27, Felix Patzelt <felix@neuro.uni-bremen.de> ha scritto:
>> Looks great. I Just tried it briefly, but it seems to be exactly what is needed for novice users or everybody who doesn't want to mess with macports. That being said, I think the most problematic omission in the current state of the app is some easy way to let people install additional packages. Another thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem a way to use multiple windows or tabs. For me, this is a serious drawback in comparison to using a regular browser. It would be very cool if you could manage to move ipythons menus into the mac menu bar, but I understand that this will not be easy to do in the near future. Anyway, keep up the great work!
>> Felix
>> Am 11.03.2013 um 20:36 schrieb Marc Liyanage <marc@entropy.ch>:
>>> I'm working on a new self-contained Mac app that runs the IPython notebook server and connects a WebKit view to it on launch, for a double-clickable experience. It embeds a virtualenv with some popular extension modules.
>>> It would be nice to get this ready for PyCon at the end of this week, so I'm looking for some testing and feedback. There's a binary linked to from this page:
>>>  https://github.com/liyanage/ipython-notebook#readme
>>> It requires OS X 10.8.
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