[IPython-User] notebook server dies when logging out of terminal

Moritz Emanuel Beber moritz.beber@gmail....
Wed Mar 13 06:00:01 CDT 2013


On 03/13/2013 02:28 AM, K.-Michael Aye wrote:
>> For most processes you would have to start them with 'nohup' and
>> redirect their stdout and stderr streams to be able to just log out
> I have been told that this is a very old strategy and that things
> should totally run without nohup, as long as one puts the process into
> the background?
> Care to comment?

It's definitely an old strategy and I can't recommend it at all. Simply 
putting a process into the background definitely does not always work 
when logging out. Depends on the program.

>> without them being affected. I highly recommend 'screen' as Matthias
>> already mentioned. You can even start the notebook inside a screen
>> session with a single command:
>> $ screen -dmS your_screen_session_name_here ipython notebook
>> --profile=nbserver
>> 'screen' is a great utility to learn anyway since you can have "multiple
>> terminals" through a single ssh session. When you later want to interact
>> with programs running inside of screen, simply type:
>> $ screen -r
>> or
>> $ screen -r your_screen_session_name_here
>> if you have multiple screen instances.
> I even have issues when using screen as a base for the notebook server.
> It sometimes leaves the notebook 'inactive' (cells are not executed)
> UNTIL I would put the screen session where the notebook server is
> running into the foreground!
That is odd... I had a server running in a detached screen session for 3 
months and it was always responsive. I'm sorry to say that I can't help 
you further remotely.
> Hmpf…. :(
>> Cheers,
>> Moritz
Hope that you find your problem,

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