[IPython-User] evolution of sharing IPYNB?

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Sun Mar 17 12:21:52 CDT 2013

On 17 March 2013 15:31, Dennis Daniels <dennisgdaniels@gmail.com> wrote:

> What of Ipython? Is there a way to make sharing and reusing and editing
> and reposting IPYNB files as easy as possible?

Our thinking for this sort of ad-hoc sharing and reworking is centred on
gist and nbviewer.

gist falls neatly between a paste site and a git repository - you can
create a gist quickly and easily, but then you can clone it, fork it, merge
it, keeping track of the changes and their authors. Then you share a link
to the nbviewer page, so people can quickly see the contents.

The missing bit, as I see it, is a convenient way to interact with gists
from the notebook. At present, you have to save a notebook file, open it in
a text editor, copy the contents, paste into gist, click save, copy the
link, go to nbviewer, paste the link and get the resulting view. I'm pretty
sure it should be possible to automate that, so you can just click 'post to
gist' and get back an nbviewer link. With some more work, it should be
possible to track a gist associated with a notebook, and save later
versions as edits/forks of that gist.

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