[IPython-User] Installing IPython on a computing cluster?

Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Tue Mar 19 16:53:13 CDT 2013


I'm trying to convince our HPC admin to install IPython.parallel, and I'm
not at all confident that I've grasped all the details. I'm hoping someone
might be able to help me out here and either correct me or fill in as

My understanding is that we need to have IPython installed on the log-in
node (the host), but it also needs to be installed on the worker nodes (the
engines). Following the usual instructions for each machine.


The only extra dependency we will need is (py)zmq.

Optionally, we will need to install mpi4py to support MPI applications.


After this is done, we will have to follow the instructions here to create
an appropriate profile on the log-in node in the user's config directory
and then copy the json file over the config directories on the other nodes.
The users won't have write access to the nodes, so I'm a bit confused about
best practice here or maybe I'm misunderstanding.


Then I should just be able to use the LSFLauncher to schedule jobs?



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