[IPython-User] ipython3 and turtle play together

Pietro Terna pietro.terna@unito...
Tue Mar 19 13:09:11 CDT 2013

     Many many thanks, Pietro

Il 19/03/13 15:58, Thomas Kluyver ha scritto:
> On 19 March 2013 13:27, Pietro Terna <pietro.terna@unito.it 
> <mailto:pietro.terna@unito.it>> wrote:
>         I don't knows what the technique used there, but at
>     http://interactivepython.org/courselib/static/thinkcspy/PythonTurtle/helloturtle.html
>     they produce the output directly into the browser.
> That appears to be using Skulpt (http://www.skulpt.org/) to run Python 
> in the browser. It's pretty neat, that's the first time I've seen it 
> used on a real site.
> You'd probably need quite a different approach to support turtle in 
> the notebook, because we execute code on the server, not in the 
> browser. It should be possible, if anyone has the time to write it, 
> though.
> Thomas
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