[IPython-User] Standalone build of IPython

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Fri Mar 22 11:12:14 CDT 2013

Le 22 mars 2013 à 16:39, Paul Moore a écrit :

> This probably isn't precisely news to anyone, but I hadn't really
> thought much about it and was impressed to find that it worked. It is
> possible to run console IPython "standalone", without needing to
> install it into your Python environment. This is particularly useful
> if you want to use IPython in multiple virtual environments.
> The simplest way of setting this up is:
> Create a new directory (say, IPy)
> pip install --target IPy ipython
> On Windows, you probably also want pyreadline. For Python 2, you can
> just install it into IPy (untested). If you're using Python 3, as I
> am, this is a bit messy as you need to pip install the version from
> github (there's no released version that's Python 3 compatible :-().
> You have to install it into the Python environment you're using to
> build the standalone version (so that ipython sees its dependency is
> satisfied) as well as into IPy (for runtime)
> As a final tidy-up, go into IPy and copy IPython\__main__.py up one
> level into the IPy directory (to make the IPy directory itself
> runnable). Now you can run IPython simply by doing "python IPy". Or if
> you prefer, cd into IPy, zip up the contents, and you have a
> single-file runnable copy of IPython.

you can also cd in the source and do 
python ipython.py [normal options]
and it should work without any more change on python2.x


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