[IPython-User] Run IPython Notebook on Windows in background / as service

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Fri Mar 29 08:40:57 CDT 2013

Dear user group,

I have the following questions regaring invoking the notebook on Windows

I usually start it by opening a link in Start Menu installed by
PythonXY. This would open a cmd  window and show the server start-up.

Is there any possibility to start the server somehow in the background
and by that avoiding the open command window while the server runs?

Or, do your have hint on how I could install the notebook server as a
service under windows?

I tried to create one with sc.exe but it failed to start the servoce
later on.

I one installs apache via cygwin or alike, there's the possibilit for
creation of such a service.

I copuld imagine a start_ipython_notebook_server.pyw which just call the
notebook in the defined manner.

Looking forward to your experience / suggestions.


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