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christian jeanguillaume christian.jeanguillaume@univ-angers...
Fri Mar 29 11:36:56 CDT 2013

Hello everybody at ipython-user.
I am a newbie I have just finished the 
installation of ipython notebook
(on Fedora 18 in an elitebook 8570w from hp)
so sorry me I will certainly ask stupid question.
Although I have been using Mathematica notebook 
for more than 20 years, I think I will enjoy more 
working with IPython notebook.

To begin, how can I browse or sort the archive 
mail of ipython to reduce it to the notebook use 
for example.

Then It is a great idea to split between code and 
markdown cell.
But it seem that the markdown is reduced to title 
with any number of # and that's all.
I was unable to visualise an image with
![]('url of the image')
Does somebody have realised that?

I installed mathjax, to be run in local as 
indicated, but the latex visualisation seems to 
ignore the greek letters (either local or connected).
Can somebody help me, what is missing in my 

But still a great thank to the developpers who 
have created ipython and ipython notebook it is super!

Best regards


Service de medecine nucleaire
rue Larrey
49033 Angers FRANCE

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