[IPython-User] How to use anchors

Derek O'Connell doc@doconnel.f9.co...
Tue Oct 1 07:52:28 CDT 2013

On 01/10/13 12:46, jfmoulin wrote:
>  I am trying to use anchors to link to header cells either inside a
>  given notebook or across notebooks. The docs mention this possibility
>  but I did not find any example. I expected that clicking on a given
>  cell would show me -in the browser address field- the full link to
>  use but this is apparently not the case (Using firefox). What am I
>  missing? Being pointed to an actual working example would be the
>  best!

Hope this comes out ok but if not then use "view-as-plain-text" in your 
email client...

I have just created a header cell (imaginatively called "A HEADER") and 
inspected the html...

<h1 id="A-HEADER">A HEADER<a href="#A-HEADER" class="anchor-link">¶</a></h1>

So then I created a link elsewhere in the same page using the "id"...

<a HREF="#A-HEADER">top</a>

Both cell types were set to "Markdown" and the link works.

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