[IPython-User] How to use anchors

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Tue Oct 1 09:33:06 CDT 2013

Le 1 oct. 2013 à 15:56, jfmoulin a écrit :

> Cool! I was not clicking the ¶ but the cell...
> Seems to work, *at least* for local anchors.
> Now I tried to use it between notebooks:
> From the notebook Data_analysis_0.ipynb page  I copied a full url:
> and edited it to build :
> [test](./Data_analysis_0#Finding-and-integrating-a-peak) which I pasted in a

with extension it works for me : 

Are you on 1.0 ? Running with a prefixed URL ?

> second notebook living in the same dir.
> I get a 404 Error.  I tried with or without extension...
> Thanks for the help and nice work anyway!

Thanks !

Le 1 oct. 2013 à 15:13, Derek O'Connell a écrit :

> On 01/10/13 13:57, Matthias BUSSONNIER wrote:
>> ...
>> you could use [local anchor](#anchor_name) or [remote
>> anchor](relative_url_to_other_notebook_name#anchor_name)
>> ...
> Matthias, could you provide a link to where this feature is documented? 
> Thanks.

Not sure it is documented, in anyway for 2.0 notebooks url will probably be /something/<path>/<name-of-ipynb>
So the special redirect handler we have now will most probably be removed. 

The rest is not a particular feature of IPython we "just" take the text of the header cell and (should) make it conform to anchor authorized char
by replacing space with dash IIRC.

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