[IPython-User] printing nbconverted html doc loses color

G B g.c.b.at.work@gmail....
Tue Oct 1 21:54:15 CDT 2013

I'm not sure this is an IPython problem, but it happens across browsers so
I figured I'd ask here:

I have an notebook document that I've run through nbconvert into html.  I
have a custom.css in the directory.  The text is colorized due to the css
and due to the standard syntax coloring within notebook.  It looks great in
the browser!

Then I try to print, and both Safari and Firefox take all of the color out
of the text.  Images retain their color, but both my css changes and the
syntax highlighting are removed.  Bold and other font face changes are
retained.  This happens when sending to a color printer and when printing
to PDF through the standard OS X mechanism.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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