[IPython-User] temporary enable figure plotting from terminal console?

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Thu Oct 3 08:30:43 CDT 2013

Le 19 sept. 2013 à 11:31, Petro a écrit :

> Hi list,
> I usually work in ipython notebook with inline images, but sometimes, I 
> connect to existing ipython kernel via terminal. Mainly, I use it for 
> checking variables and for commands with a lot of printing output. But I 
> also want to use matplotlib from terminal. Is it possible to enable 
> matplotlib figures temporary from from terminal? Often, I need to check 
> about a hundred of plots visually, and it is not convenient to plot the 
> all inside of a notebook window. I would prefer to draw them in external 
> figure using for cycle with pause.

On recent ipython **and** matplotlib, the %matplotlib magic tan toggle between (inline) one of (qt, osx, tk, …)

Just use %matplotlib inline the %matplotlib whatever to toggle.

You can also alway have external figures and displa(gca()) or display(gcf()) to show the current version inline.


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