[IPython-User] How to create notebook (.ipynb) from iPython console (no browser)?

baruchel@gm... baruchel@gm...
Sat Oct 12 05:43:58 CDT 2013


I discovered iPython and iPython notebook yesterday evening, and I find it
great for my needs (I am a teacher in computer science); I would like to use it
for writing some python computing exercises.

But I work with no graphical server, and I would like to create my .ipynb
notebooks from the console and not from a graphical browser.

Would it be easy to implement some macros or whatever for the very simple
following purposes:

  * use iPython from the interactive console
  * create a notebook .ipynb file for recording
  * have some macros like :
     --> add 3-15 (eg.) to the a .ipynb file according to the rule:
         as long as not output cell occurs, use the same cell;
         each time that an output occur, start a new cell (after the output)
     --> add a H1 header with text "Hellow world" in a new cell
     --> add a H2 header with text "Hellow world" in a new cell
     --> add raw text being "Hellow world" in a new cell
  * save / exit

Later I can review the notebook from within Firefox and make some minor fixes,
but I would like rather having such features from iPython.

Do you see something close to the previous ideas? Is it easy to do it?



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