[IPython-User] Notebook manager and POST args

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes@spmetric....
Wed Oct 30 00:26:57 CDT 2013

If I'm in the notebook manager, the notebook links look something like:

I would like to add a POST argument "foo=42" to the notebook link to 
configure the kernel that gets started.

IPython.html.services/kernels/handlers.MainKernelHandler seems to be the 
place to *capture* that argument with:

foo = self.get_argument('foo', default=42)

This will then allow me to pass "foo" through to the start_kernel call as:

self.kernel_manager.start_kernel(notebook_id, cwd=..., foo=foo)

The problem I have is that I can't find where the interface is between a 
URL like the one above and what ends up in MainKernelHandler:

I would like the equivalent of "&foo=42" added on to URL and available 
to me.

TIA for any suggestions of how to tackle this.

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