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Antony Lee antony.lee@berkeley....
Tue Sep 3 14:22:01 CDT 2013

While I could provide a brand-new configuration for my own embedding
use-case, it does seem to be an overkill, as the user should just be able
to re-use most of his "default" configuration instead (e.g., the app
doesn't care what the user prefers for his font size, or what kind of
autoreload he wants).  (All this is quite theoretical as I'm also the only
user for now but well...  in practice I just didn't want to duplicate my
own ~/.ipython/profile_default/ipython_qtconsole_config.py :-))  Anyways, I
will try to write some docs on that.

Also, I just realized that in-process kernels may not be the best choice
for my use-case (still unclear to me though...).  Is there any way I could
replicate the functionality of
IPython 1.0?  I have figured out how to start a kernel in a separate
process, but I don't know how to push my objects (in the app process) to
the kernel namespace (all I have in the app process is a Popen object to
the kernel process).

Thanks again,


2013/9/3 Thomas Kluyver <takowl@gmail.com>

> On 2 September 2013 11:01, Antony Lee <antony.lee@berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> Also, I had to figure out how to load a profile configuration (create an
>> IPythonQtConsoleApp instance, set the config_file_{path,files} attributes
>> properly and call load_config_file, then use e.g. init_colors?) by browsing
>> the source.
> If you're configuring it from your application code, you don't need to
> load a separate config file - you can create a Config instance, set
> attributes on it, and pass it in when you instantiate the Qt console.
> Something like this:
> from IPython.config.loader import Config
> c = Config()
> c.IPythonQtConsoleApp.hide_menubar = True
> qtcapp = IPythonQtConsoleApp(config=c)
> You can also set these attributes on the objects after instantiating them,
> although not all of them take effect as soon as they're set:
> console_widget.font_size = 14
>> Given that the main example is already there, what about improving it
>> with configuration loading, and adding a link to it in the official docs?
>> (I would be happy to do so.)'
> Docs improvements are always welcome. Docs are in the main repo, and you
> can make a pull request just like any other. Start with the link, and then
> think about the best example to give of configuration - I suspect that
> loading a config file is suboptimal, although I don't know exactly what
> your needs are.
> Thomas
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