[IPython-User] Saving IPython cluster state

Alessandro Gagliardi alessandro@path....
Wed Sep 4 18:31:43 CDT 2013

Hi all,

I want to have an IPython cluster that I can stop and start (in AWS) and be
able to easily restore the state of at least some of the variables.
storemagic seems to work well on a single instance, but when I try

> %%px
> %store foo

I get:
ERROR: Line magic function `%store` not found.

I don't know why %store works on the master but not on the worker nodes.

If you know of a way to get it to work...or if there is a better way to do
this altogether that I'm missing, I would greatly appreciate hearing about

Thanks in advance!

Alessandro Gagliardi
Data Scientist / Analytics Engineer
Path, Inc.
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