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Le 11 sept. 2013 à 14:56, fjdu a écrit :

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> > 
> > Isn't it already the case for quite some time now?
> I know ipython notebook has the %%latex magic, but I think it only 
> works for the "mathematical" part (such as $e^{i\pi}+1=0$) of LaTeX, 
> and not the "structural" part (commands like \title, \section, 
> \itemize, \ref, \cite, etc.), right?  It looks weird to display the
> LaTeX source just above the output 
> formulas.  I think treating a %%latex cell in the same way as a 
> markdown cell might be better looking. 

Mathjax does not support Full LaTeX, but that are what raw-cells
They are passed untouched to nbconvert, so you can use raw latex, 
that will do anything you want in final PDF.

Nbconvert also support themplate so you can do pretty much 
everything you wish in nbconvert without support for it in IPython.

> What I essentially suggested is to use the full LaTeX as the markup 
> language for the notebook, to produce something like Knuth's tex.web; 
> so instead of setting different levels of headings from the menu, one 
> can use \section, \subsection, etc. for the same purpose.  It might 
> feel like something similar to TeXmacs (though I don't use it), not in 
> the sense of the editor commands, but in the sense of user interface. 
> To be clear, I am not suggesting to write a new LaTeX compiler, but 
> just to use the preinstalled system one. 

There are many reason for which we will not use full latex in-browser. 
And we have other reason to have Heading cells like ability to do action 
on notebook section, but this is **really** difficult if we need to parse cell content 
to try to guess the structure. 

> In retrospect I think my suggestion about this is impractical (that's 
> why I said it is "crazy"), since the compilation of LaTeX can be 
> pretty slow (and may need more than one run) in some cases. 

I think the use of LaTeX is crazier that you think. 
We will move more toward markdown/html for the time being. 
We might be wrong but the actual capacity of having micro-data
in html tag will be really useful in the next year.


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