[IPython-User] IPython Notebook fails to run a line of code the runs fine in IPython

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Sat Sep 14 00:53:32 CDT 2013

On 13 September 2013 21:41, coderforlife <jeff@coderforlife.com> wrote:

>     Assertion failed: file nrnpython.cpp, line 45
>     NEURON: PyRun_SimpleString("import sys") == 0
>      near line 0
>      objref hoc_obj_[2]
>                        ^
>     NEURON exiting abnormally, press return to quit

Does that line exist in a file somewhere that it could be trying to import
as sys instead of the real sys module? I didn't think there was any way to
override the sys module, but maybe running from C code is different.

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