[IPython-User] IPython Notebook fails to run a line of code the runs fine in IPython

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Sun Sep 15 20:22:05 CDT 2013

On 15 September 2013 17:46, coderforlife <jeff@coderforlife.com> wrote:

> With more research I have a bit more information, but it is still a
> mystery.
> In regular IPython if I do "from pylab import *" before "from neuron import
> h" then it fails with the same error. So this error is likely due to
> IPython
> Notebook importing * from pylab first. However in regular Python importing
> *
> from all of numpy, scipy, and pylab before "from neuron import h" still
> works fine.

IPython notebook doesn't automatically load pylab unless you've set
something in the command line or in a config file to make it do that. It is
loading another C extension, however (pyzmq), which may produce the same

If you use IPython mechanisms to activate pylab mode, such as running
%pylab, then it also sets up integration with a GUI toolkit for matplotlib,
which could also interfere with Neuron.

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