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elmar werling elmar@net4werling...
Wed Sep 4 13:12:04 CDT 2013

perhaps init_printing (see below) will do the job

from sympy import *
# %load_ext sympy.interactive.ipythonprinting

Am 04.09.2013 16:30, schrieb Juan Manuel Milanesio:
> Hi guys, I'm using the las version of Ipython Notebook (v1.0) and when I
> try to use Sympy, I can not get teh math render of the equations, they
> all look like text. The Sympy package is working well, because I can see
> that you can operate or solve equations, but the output is not showed as
> a Latex render. Attached there is an image as an example (look at Out [4]).
> Thank you very much for your help!!!
> JuanimilloImágenes integradas 1
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