[IPython-User] Printouts of IPython notebooks

Steven G. Johnson stevenj@alum.mit....
Wed Sep 11 19:50:27 CDT 2013

Matthias BUSSONNIER wrote:
>> What do you do for printing? Am i the only want to have hard copies of 
>> the notebooks?
> Use nbconvert.

It would be really nice to have a "Print..." menu option directly in the 
notebook in order to run nbconvert to produce HTML and then send the 
result to the browser's print function (or at least open up a window 
with a "printable" version.

Having to process the .ipynb from a separate command-line utility is not 
only inconvenient and difficult for users to discover, it is a major 
obstacle in a client-server setup.

We are running IPython (with the Julia kernel, i.e. IJulia) on a cluster 
at MIT for some of our classes this semester.  Users with appropriate 
web certificates can just go to a certain URL to run on the cluster, 
without having to install anything.  So, they don't necessarily have 
IPython installed on their own machine at all, and running nbconvert is 
not an option.

Just printing the notebook window from Firefox, however, only seems to 
print out one page's worth of the notebook, truncating any addition 
content.  Ugliness we could deal with, but content truncation is 
obviously not workable.


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