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Pietro Terna pietro.terna@unito...
Tue Sep 17 14:11:23 CDT 2013

     Dear Thomas and all,

     sorry for my repeated messages, our server (University of Torino, 
Italy), put in hold a lot of messages at the end of August and has now 
released them .... You had already replied to me in those days, because 
one of the messages ... escaped from the server jail ...).

     With my friend and colleague Matteo Morini, in CC, we could try to 
develop the bridge between the turtle class output (which is managed via 
Tcl/Tk) and the inline output of IPython notebook  (behind the scene, if 
I'm not wrong, we have Tcl/tk again).

     Could you give us a few initial hints, about the starting and 
ending points of the bridge or any other suggestion?

     Best, Pietro

Il 17/09/13 18:04, Thomas Kluyver ha scritto:
> Hi Pietro,
> On 26 August 2013 06:22, Pietro Terna <pietro.terna@unito.it 
> <mailto:pietro.terna@unito.it>> wrote:
>     Does exist now a way to have the graphic output window of the
>     class turtle directly in line within a notebook?
> Not as far as I know, but a few people have expressed an interest in 
> that. I don't think it's something we'll develop ourselves, but it 
> could make a good project for other people to work on.
> Thomas
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