[IPython-User] fortran magic updated + question

Martín Gaitán gaitan@phasety....
Thu Sep 19 13:56:53 CDT 2013

Hi again.

I'm pleased to announce that fortran magic was updated.

What's new?

- Fortran highlighting in a %%fortran cell
- Work (or it should) in any platform (linux/windows/osx) and with py3
(thanks to Bradley Froehle)
- many f2py arguments exposed as magic arguments
- verbosity handling
- Improved documentation

Repo and docs in


I would appreciate some testing (specially in Windows and osx) and any

And the question...

I would like that users could set the default options for %%fortran
(persistently) , so arguments passed in the cell would overwrite them.
Which would be the correct way to do this?


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