[IPython-User] fortran magic updated + question

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Mon Sep 23 00:14:37 CDT 2013

> Weren't there a policy / advice to centralize the communication in this list?

Yes, long :

Short :
	- Content get duplicated on both list all the time (at a few hours interval often). 
	- Core dev get bored of responding twice.
	- Core dev officially out of IPython-user. 
	- All communication are recommended to happened on IPython-dev.
	- -dev is "just" a suffix, it should be the only ML, we just made a bad decision 10 Years ago.

> In fact, David Trémouilles is the author of one of them. Which is the other one?

Exactly the kind of things we want to avoid :

Fortran Magic for IPython, (IPython-dev) 12 septembre, Ondřej Čertík :

Fortran cell magic (IPython user) 9 septembre, Martín Gaitán


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