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Brian Granger ellisonbg@gmail....
Mon Feb 3 14:21:49 CST 2014

> I have some notebook questions and hope it's ok to post them together.  They
> range the full spectrum from big-picture to minor details.


> 1. Supplemental materials in journals:  Is anyone aware of any accepted
> publications where notebooks were published as articles, or as supplemental
> materials in peer-reviewed journals?  We are looking to publish some results
> that are already heavily integrated with the notebook and are looking for
> amenable journals.  I was directed to a discussion on AcitvePapers
> integration.  This looks really cool, but for the here and now, what the
> current approach.

I don't know of any cases where notebook were part of the "official"
record of publication. But there are a number of article listed on our
gallery where notebooks were part of the publication effort:


> 2. Quick changing notebook styles:  I've followed a trail of blog posts
> about controlling the typography in a notebook.  This blog from february
> 2013 gives a copy-pasteable snippet which didn't seem to work on my system
> (canopy v 1.1 ubuntu 10.04).   What the current "easy/recommended way" to
> change a notebook style.  I'm really looking more for pre-defined styles
> rather than creating my own, and if anyone could direct me to the most
> recent musings on the topic, I'd be quite grateful.

The ability to style a notebook using CSS is possible, but not part of
our official API yet. I don't know of any prepakaged CSS files, but I
do have this IPython magic that loads a css file onto the page:


> PS, one problem with the linked solution is that it requires one to fill an
> entire notebook cell.  I'd rather have this hidden if possible, I guess in a
> config file.  Thus, is it common practice to share config files with
> readers?  What are you guys doing currently?

Not currently possible to hide this easily. I suppose you could put it
into a config file, but it would run at the beginning of all ipython

You can also just put CSS into your
$IPYTHONDIR/profile_default/static/custom/custom.css file.

> 3.  Updating the gallery of examples wiki:  I have a few examples that I
> think are flashy enough to fit in to the wiki, but do they need to be
> curated?  Is it ok to just clone and add a hyperlink, or is there a
> review/uploading process in place that I'm not seeing?  It's not clear to me
> how to contribute an example (sorry if it is clear and I'm just dense).  I
> would only be adding one link, which itself links all of the notebooks I had
> in mind.

Just go ahead and edit the page or submit a pull request. It is
"curated" by the entire community...

> (...and for something completely unrelated...)
> 4.  Suppressing logging:  After some searching, I found this suggestion as a
> way to supress logging in a notebook:
> import warnings
> warnings.filterwarnings('ignore')

There is also a command line flag:

ipython notebook --log-level=WARN



> This suppresses some logging messages, but I still am getting Warnings from
> the package I wrote.  It's possible that the custom logger I'm using is
> doing something non-standard, so it could just be my fault that the above
> lines are not working.  What do you recommend to hide all logging methods?
> This is mostly for keeping examples clean, so I'd take any solution, as
> hacky as it needs to be.  There's not magic for this, right?
> Thanks so much.
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