[IPython-User] Various questions in regard to notebook

Konrad Hinsen konrad.hinsen@fastmail....
Tue Feb 4 02:13:26 CST 2014

Adam Hughes writes:

 > I noticed one of your publications on here and see that you
 > included a "data availability" section with which you reference an
 > external link to the notebooks among other resources.  Did you find
 > that journals were amenable to link to external sources?   Or did
 > you find that they tended to try to force you to host all of the
 > supplemental content through them?

My own experience says that no journal ever objected to links to
external sources. In fact, it's rare to see any paper in my domain
today that does not have some URLs in the reference list. A link to a
notebook is just one more URL. You can also put it on figshare or
Zenodo to get a DOI, which indicates more permanence than a URL.

The difference to proper "supplementary material" is that the latter
is part of what the reviewers are supposed to evaluate, whereas a link
is just one more reference to previously published material. I have
yet to see any reviewer comment on supplementary material that is not
additional text or images, but it's supposed to happen.

In my first two fully reproducible papers, published last years, I
submitted the code and data as supplementary material, because that's
where it morally belongs, and put it on figshare for visibility.
There's still a lot of freedom for authors to choose what pleases


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