[IPython-User] Whats the right way to install modules via pip if you are using conda?

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Feb 24 16:48:57 CST 2014

On 24 February 2014 13:10, Norfeldt <lasse@norfeldt.dk> wrote:

> But recently I tried to get it by conda and it seemed to work very well -
> until now, when I have to install modules. I'm use to do 'pip install
> webcolors' - it installs something. But it is not install for my ipython
> (Im
> in doubt if it is even installed in the normal python).. it used to work
> just fine.. any suggestions?

You have a number of Python installations - Python(x,y) is one, Anaconda is
another, and if you've created conda environments, each one is effectively
a separate Python. You need to make sure you're using pip in the same
installation as where you want to use the modules. So if you're using
Anaconda, you need to make sure that 'which pip' gives you a path in the
Anaconda directories.

Matt's solution will leave you with only one Python installation. That's
the simplest way to make sure you're installing packages in the right one,
but it's not the only way.

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