[IPython-User] Various questions in regard to notebook

Adam Hughes hughesadam87@gmail....
Thu Jan 30 18:45:06 CST 2014

Hey everyone,

I have some notebook questions and hope it's ok to post them together.
 They range the full spectrum from big-picture to minor details.

*1. Supplemental materials in journals: * Is anyone aware of any accepted
publications where notebooks were published as articles, or as supplemental
materials in peer-reviewed journals?  We are looking to publish some
results that are already heavily integrated with the notebook and are
looking for amenable journals.  I was directed to a discussion on
AcitvePapers <https://github.com/activepapers/activepapers-python/issues/3>integration.
 This looks really cool, but for the here and now, what the
current approach.

*2. Quick changing notebook styles:*  I've followed a trail of blog posts
about controlling the typography in a notebook.  This
february 2013 gives a copy-pasteable snippet which didn't seem to work
on my system (canopy v 1.1 ubuntu 10.04).   What the current
"easy/recommended way" to change a notebook style.  I'm really looking more
for pre-defined styles rather than creating my own, and if anyone could
direct me to the most recent musings on the topic, I'd be quite grateful.

PS, one problem with the linked solution is that it requires one to fill an
entire notebook cell.  I'd rather have this hidden if possible, I guess in
a config file.  Thus, is it common practice to share config files with
readers?  What are you guys doing currently?

*3.  Updating the gallery of examples wiki
* I have a few examples that I think are flashy enough to fit in to the
wiki, but do they need to be curated?  Is it ok to just clone and add a
hyperlink, or is there a review/uploading process in place that I'm not
seeing?  It's not clear to me how to contribute an example (sorry if it is
clear and I'm just dense).  I would only be adding one link, which itself
links all of the notebooks I had in mind.

*(...and for something completely unrelated...)*
*4.  Suppressing logging:*  After some searching, I found this suggestion
as a way to supress logging in a notebook:

import warningswarnings.filterwarnings('ignore')

This suppresses some logging messages, but I still am getting Warnings from
the package I wrote.  It's possible that the custom logger I'm using is
doing something non-standard, so it could just be my fault that the above
lines are not working.  What do you recommend to hide all logging methods?
 This is mostly for keeping examples clean, so I'd take any solution, as
hacky as it needs to be.  There's not *magic* for this, right?

Thanks so much.
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