[Nipy-devel] Fwd: 1st/2nd level analysis modules in python

Alexis Roche alexis.roche@gmail....
Fri Nov 6 17:00:31 CST 2009


There are two separate issues here: packaging and API.

Re packaging, yes, building nipy has been made fairly difficult by the
dependency of the neurospin subpackage on lapack (being a windows
user, I think I know that more than anyone:). But it's no big deal to
distribute binary installers for windows and macOS users. I just
created one for win32 by running  'python setup.py bdist_wininst', it
weights 3MB and can install nipy in seconds on any win32 system.

I understand that the problem might be more complex with linux, maybe
we need discussing this so people like me can have a clearer picture
on what the stakes are.

Of course, if people want a devel version on their system, then it's a
different story. But whoever wants to do that probably intends to
contribute to the codebase, so 1) I'm prepared to help him/her and 2)
I don't expect a massive demand for the time being.

Re API, Satra is right in saying that we have not agreed yet on our
basic objects. However, we shall acknowledge that many efforts have
been dedicated to this goal in the past 8 months, which hopefully will
pay off in the near future.



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