[Nipy-devel] MNI 152 T1 skull-stripped

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sat Nov 7 17:36:06 CST 2009


> The reason I was asking was that I can't upload to the proper SVN, and
> then upload the tarbal (AFAIK). In addition, dropbox is blocked in most
> places where I have Internet access. I am not sure how to proceed to make
> the work myself. I am happy to send you the file I am talking about,
> though.

I think all you need, is rsync via ssh, to upload - see the top of the
Makefile.  But I see that, it's a little unclear how to set up the
system so that you have the latest files in the build-system tree in
the right places.   Do drop me the file somehow and I'll put it up.

See you,


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