[Nipy-devel] Making Brifti rock even more.

Ariel Rokem arokem@berkeley....
Sun Nov 8 03:10:02 CST 2009


> I think the plan is to make brifti, nifti...and then remove from nipy,
> just
> > have it as a dependency...
> Yes, and I promised Michael I'd do this, but got distracted by
> traveling and other projects further from the line of fire.
I am not sure I follow this discussion and I have some questions.
In the long run, is the plan is to have one and only one thing called
pynifti, which will be external to nipy and will have brifti folded into it?
For the time being there seem to be two different things, one called
pynifti, which is external to nipy (and the one I have been using for my
needs and also as an optional dependency in nitime) and the other called
brifti and is part of nipy. Is that correct? Would anyone mind telling me
what the differences are, or point me to the list post that does? Also -
will the final merged product have an API which will be like brifti, or like
pynifti? For now - how do I get brifti to work? I tried importing "from
nipy.io.imageformats import load" - is "load" the same as "brifti_im" from
Cindee's code snippet above?

I apologize for all the questions and for sidetracking the discussion
towards these questions.


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