[Nipy-devel] good format for storing numeric data

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Mon Nov 16 13:39:31 CST 2009

hi jonathan,

>> are there any recommendations for a good binary or txt format for
>> ...
>> plugins).
>  that seems difficult in general, maybe hdf5? this seems a little overkill,
> though.
>> in addition, is there a recommended format for storing numpy ndarrays?
> wouldn't numpy's npz, npy files make the most sense?

thanks. at present npz and npy probably make most sense. however, if,
as you point earlier, hdf5 is the more general format (even though it
might be overkill) and given that h5py supports numpy datatypes, do
you think it makes sense to adopt hdf5 for binary storage within NiPy
where standard imaging fileformats, like nifti, don't suffice?  (e.g.,
i may want to store the output of an SVD operation on a numpy array).



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