[Nipy-devel] [nipype] 0.3 plans

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Tue Nov 24 13:23:12 CST 2009

i'm going to list here and add tickets later.

most of these i think are feasible for 0.3.

- include rosalia's fsl+dti interfaces
- refactor pipeline engine : handle reparameterization better (working
on it now)
- generate proper visual graph of pipeline
- fsl : needs refactoring to eliminate xx.inputs.field = yy statements
the only things who should be setting input fields should be the user
and the parameters passed to the run command, the input dictionary
should not be changed
- spm : refactor to match fsl like optmap setting, refactor higher
level analysis so that they can be done using matfiles or mfiles
- move optmap like functionality higher into base class
- clean up cwd implementation (think about remote operations)
- better handling of parallel engine errors
- grab help docs
- move specifymodel into algorithms + incorporate model specification
from nipy + save output to file instead of passing by memory.

0.3+ options
- add SGE support : wait for ipython perhaps?

please feel free to add to this list and to add/(modify existing) tickets



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