[Nipy-devel] [nipype] 0.3 plans

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Tue Nov 24 23:03:27 CST 2009

and a quick update on Debian side:

 svn trunk of networkx was kindly uploaded by the maintainer into

 nipype 0.2 now sits in the NEW queue ;)

 Meanwhile 0.2 (and networkx) were "backported" for squeeze
 and sid and made available from neuro.debian.net

 Also NiPyPE (as well as NiPy of cause) has been featured in our
 recent presentation
 An ecosystem of neuroimaging, statistical learning, and open-source
 software to make research more efficient, more open, and more fun.

 given here locally... where culmination slide after a few
 incremental additions to the timeline was:


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