[Nipy-devel] Testing failing in formulas (was: Re: nipy without pynifti)

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Nov 30 13:39:46 CST 2009


> Heard about that :P

I thought Fernando was going to disown me when I told him.

>> We will indeed have to simplify and refactor as time goes on.   I must
>> say, partly as a result of your efforts, I'm starting to feel more
>> confident that we'll get there.
> Yes, it is going to be a long road, but I am confident that we will get
> there and that we will all learn a lot in the process. I don't really
> believe that this process is unique to nipy. I think all software
> development goes through this fight: we all write too complex a code when
> we haven't found the core and best description of a problem. As we gain
> insight, we can simplify it. I think that it is a bit like teaching.

The words of experience are as music to the ears of the wise.

>> Is neurospin-trunk ready for merge?  I'm going to start work on
>> cleaning up this afternoon, and that seems like a good place to start,
>> if y'all are happy.
> A merge certainly won't do harm. I know get 2 errors and 4 fails. I am
> working on fixing the ones in the neurospin part of the code. We will
> have to do a second merge once they are fixed, but I think a first merge
> would be great.
> I am very happy about the idea of a release!

Me too - as my good friend Eleftherios often says - go team!

See you,


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