[Nipy-devel] Testing failing in formulas (was: Re: nipy without pynifti)

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor@stanford....
Mon Nov 30 14:18:51 CST 2009

> For neurospin this is an important piece of code. Indeed, what users do
> most often is run GLM analysis. The two important pieces of code are the
> model estimation, and the model specification. To code the specification,
> that is the design matrix, in a clean and readable way, is actually
> non-trivial, but I am sure you are perfectly aware of this. So yes, this
> is a core functionality for most users.
Yes, it will be important for users. I guess I meant that it might better be
thought of as part of the core of the statsmodels scikit with some
particular adaptations for nipy users.

> All that means is that we should "own" this piece of code a bit more, in
> other words, understand it better.

Also a good idea. How can I help you (whoever "we" refers to above)
understand it better (besides adding more comments / docstrings)?

-- Jonathan

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