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Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Tue Jan 5 08:13:04 CST 2010

Hi Guys,

Due to my ignorance with bzr I am seeking your professional help ;)

For the original Debian packaging of nipy I've cloned bzr repository
into git.  For that I had a regular bzr checkout repository from which
I've fetched commits into git.

The problem now, that 'bzr update' does not work any longer on that
original bzr repository.  The last update I've done was in July 2009
(rev 1761).  Now here is what I am trying/getting:

| $> bzr check
| Checking working tree at '/home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr'.
| Checking branch at 'file:///home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr/'.
| Checking repository at 'file:///home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr/'.
| checked repository <bzrlib.transport.local.LocalTransport url=file:///home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr/> format <RepositoryFormatKnitPack1>
|   2656 revisions
|   2762 file-ids
| checked branch file:///home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr/ format Branch format 6
| bzr check  89,41s user 0,56s system 98% cpu 1:31,22 total
| (bzr)novo:/home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr[]bzr
| $> bzr info
| Checkout (format: pack-0.92)
| Location:
|        checkout root: .
|   checkout of branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Enipy-developers/nipy/trunk/
| (bzr)novo:/home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr[]bzr
| $> bzr status
| conflicts:
|   Conflict: can't delete nipy/fixes/scipy/ndimage because it is not empty.  Not deleting.
| (bzr)novo:/home/yoh/proj/nipy/nipy.bzr[]bzr
| $> bzr update
| bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nipy-developers/nipy/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()

So, it says about a conflict but I see no file:

$> ls nipy/fixes/scipy
__init__.py  setup.py  stats/

So -- what have I done wrong?  Why is it trying to access repository RW (hence
creating a lock)?

you can obtain tarball of that bzr directory from
to troubleshoot me ;)

Thanks in advance
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