[Nipy-devel] [nipype] Bet output '_bet' -> '_brain'

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Wed Jan 6 20:26:37 CST 2010

hi dav,

I don't want the facility to run a function like this... it seems a
> bit counter to the spirit of the project. I.e. - it could leave the
> output in a state that doesn't truly reflect the specification in the
> graph.

yes .. these are definitely, run at your own risk options.

My issue is that I already ran everything through data-processing-
> wise, but the rename of a file there will trigger a re-run (which is
> annoying). I just want to rename the file in the pipeline spec graph,
> and rename the files on the filesystem, and then voila, everything is
> OK.

to do this, first you need to rename all the files in the filesystem and
then call


this makes certain assumptions:
- you haven't actually changed in parameters that will affect your nodes
- the interfaces themselves haven't changed to generate different outputs

under the current pipeline mechanism a rename of a file or a change of
location will not trigger a rerun. only the hash of the file contents is
used in the overall hash, not the location or the name of the file.


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