[Nipy-devel] Visualization code refactor

Mike Trumpis mtrumpis@gmail....
Mon Jan 11 18:03:56 CST 2010

>> How about using the resampling routines to generate pure xyz images
>> even when they are not in that state yet?
> Absolutely. This is planned. I just wanted to sort out the simple cases
> first. The difficulty with the resampling is that a bounding box needs to
> calculated so as not to crop the image when doing the resampling. Nothing
> to hard to do, but I like to go slowly.

FYI, here is some code which is supposed to do that. I hope I handled
the bounding box issue correctly, as well as the localization of the
origin in the resampled image.


Check out "resample_to_ortho_grid"

Gael, I'll get back to the VTK version number and screenshot shortly.


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